5 Favourite Things in Mission from Avi Urban President and Mission Local Charron Ungar

Since we’ll be moving into Mission in the near future, we wanted a local opinion on some of the cool, unique spots and attractions in the neighbourhood.  Our very own President, Charron Ungar has been a resident of Mission for the last 24 years, making him the perfect guy for the job.  On a recent tour through the Mission area, Charron visits some of his favourite places and landmarks, both conventional and not.  Here are the top 5:

  1. Frog on a Bench
    Whether you love it or hate it, the frog bench plays a role in defining the uniqueness of Mission.  If you mention frog on a bench, anyone from the area instantly knows what you’re talking about. It’s definitely an iconic piece in the community.
  2. Kaleidoscope
    Sitting adjacent to 4th street on the upgraded river walk, this is a simple little piece of public art that I really appreciate. Although it has disappeared before, I’m glad it got replaced. My kids love it when I put my face on one end and they are looking through the other.
  3. Alistair the Pig
    This pig is hilarious. Alistair lives in the PAWSitively Natural pet store, and is a local celebrity. The store itself has a great selection of everything my dog loves. And whenever I bring her there I always look forward to her reaction when she sees this giant pig, it never gets old.
  4. Old CNR Bridge
    This bridge is a landmark that connects Rouleauville to Lindsay Park located just behind St. Mary’s Cathedral.  I remember walking on it when I was a kid and now I walk on it with my kids as well.  It’s a simple pedestrian bridge, but it has character, and is so convenient.
  5. Cliff Bungalow Community Garden
    In addition to the Mission Community Garden, the Cliff Bungalow Community Garden is such a testament to the community coming together to do amazing things. It’s very cool to see how diverse each little garden was from the other, and it was clear that a lot of effort was put into making this something special.

If you haven’t had the chance to explore Mission, make sure you take the time to visit some of these iconic spots! To stay up to date on the latest news on Duke at Mission make sure you register by clicking here.  Otherwise, stay tuned to our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram for all the things we love about Mission!