7 Smart Ways to Decorate Your Condo for Christmas

We know decorating a townhome or condo for Christmas can be challenging, especially when you share entrances and exterior space with neighbours. Our design team at Avi Urban got together to give you seven smart ways to decorate your home this season.

1. Choose the right tree: Pick a tree that fits in your home. You should have 2 feet of space all around the sides that face the room, and 2 feet between the tree topper and ceiling. Remember that many condo boards don’t allow real trees, so choosing a small artificial tree is a good option.

2. Or, try an alternative tree: If you don’t have the space for a full-sized tree, try alternatives like driftwood in a large vase, evergreen branches, a small rosemary tree, or a table-top tree. You can still bring Christmas indoors without sacrificing cheery lights or your favourite decorations.

3. Be bright with indoor lights: Choose energy-efficient LED lights, since an average home uses 27% more lighting in December. For your tree, you should have a strand of at least 100 lights for each vertical foot.

4. Monochromatic makes it merry: In a smaller space, decorating your tree with one or two colours is key (think gold and white, or silver and blue). Choosing a colour scheme that complements your existing decor will also help bring it together and make the space appear less cluttered.

5. Wreaths are for more than doors:  Wreaths don’t always have to go on doors, especially if you share a hallway or space with others who may not appreciate your sense of style. Opt for some great alternatives like feather or berry wreaths, and hang them in front of a window or rest one on a floating shelf. “For something different, try hanging a wreath on an exterior wall sconce,” suggests Julie Punter, Homes by Avi Manager of Showhome Design.

6. Work with your neighbours: Decorating a balcony or exterior door can be tough, especially when your neighbours decide not to. Instead of being the lone decorator, plan drinks at your place and suggest a theme for the homes surrounding yours. Bonus, you get to meet your neighbours!

7. Designate a corner: Christmas decorations don’t always need to spread through your whole home. Instead, pick a corner or space in your condo where the tree and other decorations can become a feature.