A dream come true!

After tireless months of planning for the 2016 dream home, we handed over the keys of the home to the Daly family—this year’s lucky winners. And what an event it was. This memorable day marked the first time Kelvin, Tina and their three young boys actually got to see and explore the home!

“We’re just blown away by it!” Tina exclaimed when asked for her first impression of the home. “Because we hadn’t seen it we didn’t know what to expect. We came out to Harmony after we won to see the community, and we’ve been by to see the house in its stages.”

And to think the Daly Family almost didn’t buy tickets.

“We decided to buy 50/50 tickets, we actually spent $100 on them, so that was it—our contribution for the day,” Kelvin tells us. “We had a wonderful day (at the Calgary stampede) on all the rides and were about to head off. Storm clouds were coming in and Tina asked me, did you buy any tickets for the house? And I said no.” Not being one to say no to his wife Kelvin went and purchased tickets. “We hadn’t even seen what the home looked like.”

Having spent the past few years working away Kelvin was missing out on the day-to-day excitement of watching his children grow up, and Tina was under a lot of pressure raising their three young boys. Fionn, their eldest son was born at just 28 weeks, and had to spend six months in the NICU. Today he has a very serious heart condition that affects his life and how he lives it.

“This win has given me the opportunity to move home full-time. There’s no more working away. It’s incredible; it’s a learning experience for us all, but it’s fantastic to be home to help Tina in the evenings, take the boys to hockey and watch them grow up.”

“I’m not divided in three anymore; it’s cool,” Tina adds, “It’s given us financial security and taken a lot of pressure off of us. I’m thinking about going back to work for a little while.”

It’s definitely been an interesting journey for the Daly family, but we couldn’t hide our excitement when we handed them the keys to the new home.

“It’s like a dream,” Tina smiled, with her husband adding, “the dream is a reality. Today’s the day we’ve been waiting for. To walk in and just be wowed by it.”