Alberta Floods 2013: How You Can Help

It’s been a devastating weekend like no other in Alberta. With flood waters spreading across our city and province, we’ve seen thousands of people displaced from their homes and left with nothing. Our hearts go out to those affected by this disaster, which includes many of our employees. We are so proud to see how our city has come together, and our teams at Homes by Avi and Avi Urban will soon be getting involved and doing our part to help our city with cleanup and donations.

With so much information going around, we’ve also compiled some reliable resources so you can help with flood relief and get the most up-to-date information:

Monetary Donations

All monetary donations should be going directly to the Red Cross. Over $2 million has already been collected, but we know cleanup and relief will be extensive and more donations will be needed. To donate securely through the Canadian Red Cross, you can donate here.

Donating Items

NeighbourLink Calgary is a hub for donation dropoffs. They will be taking more donations as of June 25th, which includes water, blankets, food, formula, cleaning supplies, buckets, mops and products for those in need.  From there, these items will be dispersed to other agencies. Volunteer Calgary also has a full list of places you can donate, from the Humane Society to the Inter-Faith Food Bank.

Getting Information on Cleanup and Flood Management

The City of Calgary is by far the best resource to get the latest information. You can find up-to-date information on the City of Calgary blog. You can also download the Calgary Flood Awareness Booklet here, and we’ve also posted it below. This booklet is an extensive source of information on dealing with flooding before and after, with details on how to return to your home and how cleanup works.


If you’re interested in giving back with your time, the best resource to find up-to-date volunteer information for the Calgary floods is YYCHelps. This volunteer run website posts reliable volunteering opportunities – find YYCHelps here.

Another great resource for volunteering is the City of Calgary’s blog. This posts city-run volunteer initiatives – you can find the City of Calgary volunteer opportunities here.

Finding Family and Friends

If you are unable to reach family and friends who have directly affected by the flooding, the Red Cross offers a service called Safe & Well. This registry allows those affected to register themselves on the website so family and friends can find them after a natural disaster. You can find the Safe & Well website here.

These are only a few of the resources available to Calgarians during this time. If you’ve used other resources that you’ve found helpful or have any information on volunteer opportunities, let us know by commenting below.