Anna Hall: Homes by Avi 2016 Dream Home Artist Project winner

This Stampede there’s one name you’ll want to know. Anna Hall. After the long, painstaking process of sifting through our dream home artist submissions we awarded this talented, self-taught artist as the winner of our annual Dream Home Artist Project.  And after seeing some of her work we’re sure you’ll agree with us.

“This year’s home has a feminine formality and elegance to it,” Julie Punter, our in-house design guru explains. “What we love about Anna’s art is that it provides a playful and colorful side to the home. Her mixed media art has great use of color, unique technique and her subject matter is playful and interesting. We are lucky to be working with this talented lady on such a great project.”

Anna’s path to the dream home is definitely a fascinating one. Her love of art traces back to her childhood, when she began painting. Never having been one to show-off her artwork, it wasn’t until years later when a friend posted her work on social media that she considered a career as an artist. “When I was living in Asia, a friend of mine found out I painted and secretly took photos of my art and started posting them,” Anna explains.  “I was actually mad at first,” she laughed when thinking back on seeing her art on Instagram, “but then I saw one of my photos got 14 likes and got really excited.”

Anna’s passion for her craft is something to be admired. After living in Thailand and Hong Kong, Anna has returned to her roots in Calgary and decided to turn her talent into her career. Drawing inspiration from really old black and white images, her designs translate basic imagery into textured and colourful works of art. “My colors have evolved a lot since I started,” she notes “it started with a lot of neon and now I’m leaning towards pastels and metallics.”

It was an absolute delight to meet Anna, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what she comes up with for the dream home.

See more of her work: