Ask an Expert: 5 People You’ll Need When Buying a New Home

At Avi Urban, we work with the experts to help you make the best decisions when buying your new townhome or apartment with us. One of these experts is Laura Parsons, Bank of Montreal Manger of Mortgage Specialists and Calgary Sun Columnist.

We know that buying a new place and selling your current home can be a bit overwhelming. Laura explains why five key people will make the difference in your home buying and selling experience:

One of the biggest fears most home buyers face is the negotiating part of the buying or selling process. Negotiable elements differ from one property to another, not everything is negotiable and sometimes we feel compelled to ask fo rmore so we’ll at least get something.

When you’re buying or selling your home, there are a number of key professionals who can help you focus on what will work best for you.

1.       The Realtor: This is the person you’ll probably want to secure first when selling. When you’re buying, there are no fees to pay. If you’re selling, I’d suggest that you ask what the realtor will be doing to earn their fee – you want your house marketed in the most effective way possible.

2.       The New Home Sales Team: If you’re buying a newly built home, your sales associate can help you make decisions and understand what parts of the transaction can and cannot be negotiated.

3.       The Mortgage Specialist: Another key professional you’ll need is a mortgage specialist at your bank. While you’re negotiating the interest rate, you can also review other mortgage options to maximize your financial position.

4.       The Lawyer: You’ll need a lawyer in most cases. Contracts and mortgage documents can be overwhelming, so be sure to pick someone who will spend time with you and help to keep things moving.

5.       The Mover: You’ll also need a reputable mover. Your realtor or banker may be able to suggest someone. If you collect reward miles or points, see if you can redeem them for a redution on your moving costs.

The key is to leverage the knowledge and connections we key professionals can make available to you. Let professionals like us guide you to the best solution for your particular buying or selling situation.

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