Ask an Expert: 9 Things You’ll Need to Know Before Moving In

So you’ve made the major (and smart) decision of buying an Avi Urban home! You’ve selected your finishes, signed the paperwork and your deposit cheque has gone through. Now what?

Our customer relations representatives are here to answer any questions you may have throughout the home construction process, and we will give you a minimum of 35 days notice of your possession date. We checked in with our awesome reps, Tara Lyseng and Kirsten Anderson, to get a quick checklist that you can use when prepping to move in.

From the mortgage to the electricity bills, here are some of the top things you should be doing in the weeks before you move in:   

1.       Figure out the mortgage: Visit your lender and arrange to have all mortgage documents sent to the lawyer’s office at least three weeks prior to possession.

2.       Book an appointment with your lawyers: Ensure you are in to sign all the necessary paperwork at least two weeks prior to possession.

3.       Book your movers: Sometimes movers require up to six weeks notice, especially around the end of the month.

4.       Order your FROGBOXES: Avi Urban homeowners receive a 15% discount with FROGBOX eco-friendly moving boxes, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with cardboard boxes after the move. They deliver the plastic bins to your current place and pick them up at your new place once you’re done moving. Book this service when you’re booking your movers (they also have a list of recommended movers on their website).

5.       Get gas and electricity: Give ATCO Gas, Direct Energy or Enmax a call to set up gas service in your own name. Also call Enmax Utility Company to set up electrical, water and sewage in your name. All utilities must be arranged by your possession date.

6.       Set up phone, cable and internet: If you want to set up these services, it’s best to contact either Telus or Shaw well in advance. You’ll want these services when you move in, so give yourself a few weeks to coordinate installation.

7.       Change your address: Work with Canada Post to change your address by visiting They’ll provide you with your new postal code and the closest Canada Post depot in your area to receive your Super Mail box key. Remember to bring your photo ID with you when picking up the key (the key is provided by Canada Post, not Avi Urban).

8.       Transfer or change your address information: Change your info with your employer, for personal and financial accounts (banks, credit cards, insurance, investments), with the government (health care, driver’s license, etc.)  and any service providers like doctors and dentists.

9.       Organize home insurance: Work with your preferred insurance provider to get new insurance for your place. Because your new place is a multi-family development, you won’t need full home insurance, just a Condominium Unit Owners policy.

If you have any questions for our customer service team, comment below or email for more information.

We want to know: How have you been prepping to move into your new place? Comment below and tell us what you’ve been up to while your new home is being built!