Ask an Expert: Gibson Fine Art – Hanging Art Properly

At Avi Urban, we’re always working with local experts to help you during every step of your homeowner experience. This week we’ve connected with local Calgary gallery, Gibson Fine Art, to help with the daunting task of hanging your art!

We are so excited to share own hanging art knowledge with new homeowners. Curating your art collection and displaying it properly really changes the overall feel of your home. It will go from stark and impersonal to warm, inviting with a ton of personality. We have pulled together some of our easiest tips to make your art stand out in your home.

Relating Art to Wall & Furniture Size:It is key to balance everything out in your space. Here are some examples of art related to wall size and furniture size. Notice how the art and the furniture work together. While the art makes a statement it is not overpowering – it all flows with the space.

Art, the Bigger the Better: One large painting makes a statement and keeps things simple. It also calls attention to the focal point of the room which is often the fireplace. In our examples above, you can see how large-scale photographs, prints or paintings can really change the feeling of a room. Try to imagine each of those images with smaller framed art in place of the large art. Suddenly, that beautiful tub feels cold and uninspired without that beautiful landscape flocking the light-filled windows. Or the children’s play room doesn’t feel as fun or whimsical.

Large scale art can certainly make a difference in your space no matter the size of your room. Think about it the next time you see a large piece of art in a gallery.

Colours & Size (Match or Contrast): Once you determine what the theme and feel of your room is, you can start look at your art collection (or the art you want to buy) and see how it fits into the perfect space. You can use the dominant colour from your artwork to set the tone and accent colours for the room or you can contrast with something in a completely different colour scheme.

Decide whether your room is a calm space or it is more of a lively conversation room where vibrant colours take hold. You can see from the photos above that the rooms with a more neutral colour scheme have artwork that reflect the calming feel of the room. Whereas the rooms that are more eclectic and either have one bold colour or many colours working together, feel energetic and exciting. The bottom line is you want the artwork and the room’s decor to flow seamlessly. The artwork should make a statement but not overpower the entire space.

Great Examples of Lighting with Artwork: Even though you aren’t living in an art gallery or museum it is still important to give your collection light. If it is not carefully lit, it often loses it’s importance instead of being a focal point in your room. Any of the examples above give ample lighting and illuminate just how special each piece in their groupings is. Don’t be scared to install some gallery-style tracklighting in a hallway if you have pulled together a wall of frames. Make it stand out – maybe even call it your hall of fame! There is so much you can do to make lighting and artwork work seamlessly together.

-Gibson Fine Art