Ask an Expert: Gibson Fine Art – Starting Your Art Collection

At Avi Urban, we’re always working with local experts to help you during every step of your homeowner experience. This week we’ve connected with local Calgary gallery, Gibson Fine Art, to help you start the process of creating an art collection! You can find more information on Gibson Fine Art by visiting their website.  

Art brings so much joy to the home and being able to find and source that artwork yourself makes it even more enjoyable. Stuck on how to get started though? Unsure of where to look for art that truly speaks to you? What about art that fits in your budget? We are happy to share numerous tips on art collecting that will not only get your art collection started but also to the point where you can call it a collection!

First of all, skip past the department store art. It is impersonal and boring, and beside the odd IKEA print it is hard to find anything you’ll want to keep around long term. With so many artists out there working hard and creating beautiful paintings, photographs and sculptures, you can do your part in keeping the arts community alive by supporting it!

Here are some great ways to start finding art that matches you and your home:

Visit Art School Show & Sales

One of our favourite ways to find new art as well as find new artists for the gallery is to check out the bi-annual student show + sales at the local art college. Not only is it an affordable way to start collecting art but it is also a great way to follow an artist’s career just as they are emerging onto the gallery scene.

If you truly love their work, you can end up creating a business relationship with them and continue collecting their work. These show & sales are great because students often make prints or cards of their work allowing you to purchase for a really great price if you can’t afford an original.

Go to Art Gallery Openings on a Regular Basis

Going to art gallery openings can be a lot of fun once you start going once or twice a month. Couple it with wine and dinner and it makes the perfect night out. You’ll be exposed to new artists all of the time and you will get to know the gallery owners.

Once you start collecting art, they will help you keep up with newer artists and suggest new pieces for your home gallery.

Shop Online is a lot of fun to browse around on! Full of all sorts of gems like vintage clothing and crafting supplies, a lot of independent artists sell their artwork on there.

From prints to paintings to commissioned pieces, buying online can be a really great way to start collecting art. You can talk directly with the artist, buy multiple pieces at once if you really like them and you can keep an eye on any new stuff they list. Plus, who doesn’t like getting parcels in the mail?

We hope that these tips help you when you decide to start your first art collection. It can truly make a difference to your overall mood when you are at home. Art on the walls is inspiring and fun – so you should find pieces that truly make you happy. Best of luck!