Ask an Expert: How Do I Get Organized for Spring?

At Avi Urban, our interior designers Julie Punter and Marnie Galbraith are constantly coming up with new ways to maximize space in your townhome or apartment, and work to create organization with design in mind.

With spring cleaning on our homeowner’s minds, Julie and Marnie are ready to tackle the chore with tips on the best ways to get organized and clean up your townhome.

Get prepped! “Get set up before you tackle an area,” Marnie suggests. “Designate three bins for donate, recycle and toss and use these when tackling places like closets or junk drawers.”

 Cool Containers make the difference. “Use cute boxes for organizing,” says Julie, “and grab some galvanized buckets to hang in the laundry room for quick grab-and-go cleaning.” With an easy addition like chalkboard paint, Julie suggests using chalk to write what’s on the box, “so you can quickly identify what’s in them at a glance!” Built-ins are another great option, explains Julie, “and think about using them in your boot room, moving things off the floor to create more space and make it visually cleaner.”

Clear the clutter for spring by getting organized. Julie clarifies: “There are so many great new organization items at places like HomeSense and IKEA to tuck things away in a chic way.” When sifting through the clutter, think of ways to reuse things. “If you have a bunch of shells lying around, why not frame them? Put them into a great shadowbox with some great postcards.”

Freshen it up by bringing the outdoors inside. Marnie says homeowners should use “natural elements for decorating, like succulents, herbs, fruits and flowers.” Julie energizes a space by adding some colour with new toss cushions, wallpaper or accent paint, “or try to lighten up your window treatments with breezy sheers.”

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