Ask an Expert: How Does My Home Get Built in Cold Weather?

At Avi Urban, we’re all about building the best condos and townhomes around. Because we build in Calgary and Edmonton, winters can get harsh. With cold weather just around the corner, our team is prepared with tons of unique ways to combat the chilly temperatures when building your new place.

Our president Charron Ungar has grown up in the home building business and knows it inside and out. He shares some of the ways we build your new condo or townhome, even when it’s -30!

1.       Our team bundles up: From our site superintendents to our framers, everybody is bundling up when it hits freezing temperatures. While we always have a heated trailer where they can go and warm up, our team is prepared for the elements with things like full snowsuits, heavy duty boots, specially designed gloves and even toe warmers!

2.       Major machines: When soil freezes, it’s essentially like a block of ice. Large bucket excavators won’t be able to break through the frozen ground, so we use a frost ripping “tooth” on our excavators to break apart the soil bit by bit. We also use propane heaters to heat the basements and concrete areas, and use electrical or furnace heat to dry the tape and mud on the drywall, so it doesn’t freeze before drying.

3.       Extra additives and cozy blankets: We use special additives to our concrete to ensure that it doesn’t freeze before it cures. This makes sure that your foundation is completely solid and without issues. We also use insulation blankets to help with the concrete curing process.

No matter the weather, our team is constantly working hard to complete your quality new home. Keep up to date on construction updates for your new development by checking our blog.

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