Ask an Expert: Make My Bathroom into a Spa Oasis!

At Avi Urban, our interior designers Julie Punter and Marnie Galbraith are constantly coming up with awesome ideas for small spaces. With years of experience in choosing finishes and decorating new Calgary townhome bathrooms, they know how to make the most out of a space.

This week, our designers walk you through the steps to make a your  bathroom, no matter the size, into a relaxing oasis by choosing the right finishes and décor pieces.

Pick your style: Define your style before you begin (modern, classic, traditional, contemporary, organic, etc). Magazines can help with creating a vision, and touring our Avi Urban showhomes can also help.

Keep it muted: When selecting colours for your cabinetry and paint, stick to muted, soft, serene tones that are relaxing and earthy. When choosing cabinets, mixing up your cabinetry profile and stain colours can create a spa feeling. Install over-the-toilet storage in a different profile than your cabinetry, or add unique shelving options.

Accessorize: Keep with natural elements and organic materials, like rocks, sticks, driftwood, pumice stones or sea sponges. Adding simple containers like vintage glass bottles, baskets and glass jars brings style to necessities like Q-tips and cotton balls. Keeping the space soft and warm is important, so use rolled towels or a towel warmer, and try adding scents by displaying bubble baths, aromatherapy oils, salts, raw soaps or candles.

Make sure it’s your own! Once you’ve defined your style and chosen your colours and accessories, make the space yours. Try faux finishes using painted options that are easy to clean. Right now, painted patterns are in, but faux finishes like sponging and borders are out! To add charm, pick art for your walls. Even in a smaller space, like a new Calgary condo or Edmonton townhouse, there will still be room for art that displays your style.

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