Ask an Expert: Three Tips for an Awesome Home Office

At Avi Urban, our interior designers Julie Punter and Marnie Galbraith are constantly coming up with new ways to maximize space in your new Calgary townhome or apartment. With home offices being an essential for many of our homeowners, here are three tips to create an awesome office space.

1.       Define Your Space: Julie suggests that you start by simply figuring out what you’ll do in your home office. Are you working from home, is it a drop zone, or are you just using it for paying bills? Decide how much you’ll use the space, and then arrange the appropriate outlets, fighting, furniture and built-ins, which are a great use of space.

2.       Break It Down to the Fun “Nitty Gritty”: Start with hardware management, suggests Marnie, by finding adequate storage and places to put all the things you don’t want displayed. Get into functional flexibility by choosing items that can transition from practical workspace to beautiful office area. Julie recommends building vertically to maximize space, using your walls as storage area. Get a chalkboard, pin board or shelving.

To help decide what pieces to choose, define your taste, says Julie. If you prefer a country style, try wicker baskets. If you’re more contemporary, try metal bins. For those with more eclectic tastes, try to repurpose and recycle items like tea tins, or dig through your junk box to find holders for pencils, scissors and office supplies.

3.       Create an Incognito Office! If you’re limited for space, or don’t like the look of an office area, try using a spare closet for a hidden desk space. Homeowners can use the space in different ways, says Marnie, like a homework station, gift wrapping space or craft closet. Then just slide the chair in and close the closet doors, or use drapery panels for easier access.


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