Ask an Expert: Top 10 Affordable Furniture and Decor Stores in Calgary

We know that owning a new home is exciting, and tons of our homeowners are already shopping for pieces to start furnishing and accessorizing their new places.

Our interior designers are all about finding great furniture and accessories to create stunning showhomes. They’re always out shopping to find the latest trends, and often at super affordable prices! We asked them to give us a insider look into where they shop – check out their favourite places to find home decor in and around Calgary.

  1. HomeSense/Winners –Accessories, carpets, art, lamps. Selection is vast and prices are good. Sometimes you can find fill in furniture pieces that you don’t have order and wait until they come in. Remember that it’s cash and carry, so if you love it, buy it, because it may not be there next time you’re in.
  2. Pier 1 Imports – This is a great chain store to find small accessories like candles and dishes. They also offer small furniture like night stands and vanities, and their discount section is often packed full of treasures.
  3. Silk Plant Warehouse  Located right near our Homes by Avi offices, this store offers art, vases and plants of all kinds (both indoor and outdoor). It truly is a warehouse and is a great one-stop-shop for affordable fake foliage!
  4. Urban Barn –This Canadian owned and operated store is super cool. It offers furniture, art, and accessories, and is both contemporary and modern. Their selection of Umbra items can’t be beat. If you’re looking to score a deal, we recommend signing up for their email lists. They’ll send you a 15% discount coupon right away, and let you know when all of the sales are coming.
  5. Michaels – Think Michaels is just for crafts? It offers so much more! From decorative sticks, grasses and flowers to rocks and beads for filling jars and bowls, it’s a great place to find those cool little accessories. Bonus, if you sign up for their email list you’ll get serious discount coupons in your inbox every week (we’re talking 40% to 50% off items!)
  6. Bed Bath & Beyond –  This US import is a great place to stock up on basics, like towels, bathroom accessories, kitchen supplies, and barstools. We also love their selection of drapery and textiles. Their prices are reasonable and they often send out flyers with “20% off your purchase” coupons, or you can receive the same coupon when you sign up for their email list.
  7. Ikea – We are so lucky to have an IKEA in Calgary. This international housewares store offers all types of affordable household accessories as well as furniture. While we don’t often purchase items like beds or kitchen tables here, we love IKEA for their inexpensive chairs, vases and kitchen items.
  8. Crate & Barrel – This cool US import got it’s name from originally displaying their items on the crates and barrels they arrived in. Now it’s a trendy store where you can find funky kitchen accessories, great basic tableware (like $12 serving bowls) and amazing furniture. While it’s not incredibly inexpensive, their basics are well priced and you can often find one-off pieces in their clearance section.
  9. Bouclair – This Canadian store arrived a couple of years ago and we’ve been shopping there ever since. They offer storage boxes, art, floor vases, toss cushions, curtain rods, and small decorative accessories. Their pieces are incredibly affordable, with lots of color options (we like how they arrange their store by colour themes!)
  10. Reworks UpCycle Shop – This independent store in Inglewood offers accessories made out of recycled materials. It’s very trendy and unique and we’ve found some great one-of-a-kind pieces at good prices.

We hope you have a great time shopping for your new home. Questions for our designers? Comment below or our check out our Pinterest boards for more inspiration.