Ask an Expert: What Happens When I Take Possession of My New Home?

So your new townhome or condo is complete and ready for you to move in. It’s an incredibly exciting time for any homeowner (especially first-timers!) and our Avi Urban team makes the process fun and easy. So what happens once your home is ready for move-in? Our Customer Relations Representative Tara Lyseng takes you through the home possession process.

When will I know when I can move in? We try to give a homeowner 45 days notice. At this time, our customer relations team emails you a copy of the possession letter, as well as some information required for closing (like a move in checklist). Then you get to schedule two appointments, one for the walk through and one for the key release.

What’s a “walk through” and when does that happen? This essential home orientation is done through an independent consulting company one week prior to your possession day. It takes about two hours and is the critical time where you can walk through your new home and get a full orientation on the components of the house (along with marking any deficiencies). This is where you get to learn how to do things like work your thermostat or run a load of dishes through the dishwasher.

Why do you call possession day a “key release?” We use this term because on possession day, the home is officially yours, and we “release” the keys to you! Very exciting stuff. On key release day, you’ll meet one of our customer relations team members, as well as your site superintendent. We walk with you through every room in the home and ensure we have corrected any deficiencies, along with answering any questions you may have. We also go through some paperwork and explain the warranty process. Then we wish you congratulations and hand the keys over (we leave a nice housewarming gift, too!)

So once I have my keys, what happens? It’s all yours! We release the keys to you and you can move in that day, if you’d like. You’re not all on your own, of course, since our warranty team is always just a phone call away.

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