Ask the Experts: Decorating for Spring!

Our Avi Urban interior designers, Julie Punter and Marnie Galbraith, have spring on the mind, with some awesome tips for creating fresh spaces that bring your new townhome to life this season.

Bring the Indoors Out! “Instead of bringing the outdoors in,” explains Marnie, “try bringing the indoors out by maximizing your balcony and front porch.” Bring together a sitting area, use an outdoor carpet or hang pots to create a unique outdoor area. Marnie recommends a vertical garden, where plants are hung on the exterior walls, to maximize your new townhome balcony space, “or try decorating your front steps with candles and pots.”

Use Colour! Julie suggests, “Bring some bright colours inside by using different patterns, flowers or greenery.” “Or if you’re not big on colour, bring in white!” shares Marnie, “because white sheer curtains are breezy and airy, adding a fresh atmosphere.”

Switch It Out. “Anything from area rugs to throw pillows can be switched out for brighter, cheerier tones and patterns,” says Julie, “and you can even switch out your shower curtain for spring.” Drapes, accessories and art can also be swapped for seasonal pieces. Marnie suggests using small scale pieces in a condo, and “places like Bouclair and Michaels have some great options for accessories.”

Try the Trends! “Bright wallpaper is really big right now,” says Julie, “but instead of applying it to the entire wall, try framing it for small pops of colour.” Colours like pink and yellow are also trending this season, and Marnie explains, “Slipcover your chairs with a fun hit of colour, then swap them out for different colours in the next season.”

Check out our Pinterest boards for more design ideas. Do you have any design tips for spring, or any questions for our designers? Comment below!