AU Insider tips on corporate Christmas party no no’s

It’s that time of year for the corporate Christmas parties! And with that, there are some simple things to remember NOT to do at your corporate party.

Avi Urban‘s got you covered so you can celebrate your company’s achievements with class, and and not break your career.


  1. Eat too much – No one likes the person who hovers over the food stations and mounds their plates, with gravy dripping off the side. Yes, the food is usually free, but not a free for all.
  2. Drink too much – Yes, have fun and enjoy a few cocktails. But remember, you still have to see your colleagues at the office and you don’t want to coin new meaning to the term “walk of shame” come Monday morning.
  3. Hang out with people you know – It’s time to mingle! This is the perfect opportunity to meet and talk with others you don’t normally get the chance to speak with. Expand your connections, you never know where that may lead.
  4. Talk shop – Let’s face it. You work more than you play. So avoid the business talk and get to know who you work with. And an added tip – don’t complain about your job!
  5. Dress inappropriately – This is still a corporate function, therefore attire should be forefront. You don’t want to be under dressed, but you also don’t want to be dressing like you’re hittin’ the night club. Find out what the dress code is and show up in proper attire.
  6. Be a no-show – Bah hum bug! It doesn’t look good when you don’t show up. Showing up is good form and shows you enjoy working for your company.
  7. Bring a bad date – How awkward to have someone waiting for you every time you use the restroom, or get a drink. Bring someone you don’t have to babysit. If you can’t, fly solo.
  8. Monopolize your boss’s time – Keep the conversation light. Remember, they have other people they need to talk to also.

The goal is to have a good time, but not become the water cooler drama talk the next day.

Now go celebrate the year’s successes!