AU knows…It’s a buyers market!

Yes, we probably sound like a broken record, but what we’re (and everyone else is) saying is true!

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, Alberta’s real estate market will favour buyers in 2016!
Buyers will benefit from low mortgage rates, more choice, promotions and incentives.

Record low mortgage rates

Think last year was a notable year in the mortgage realm? Experts are predicting that the rates won’t rise from these historical lows until 2017, so this is a perfect opportunity for you to buy a new home! With a variety of term selections for fixed mortgages, you can know what you’ll be paying for the next five to ten years, and who doesn’t like that?
Another thing to consider is the long term choice you’re making investing in buying a new home now. Consider if your home will be worth more or less in the next ten years. Most cases, it will be worth more so take advantage of the opportunity now to invest in your future!

More choices

With current homeowners reducing their prices to sell in this market, and amazing new home prices, the choices are endless. But this won’t last forever as the market always corrects itself. The current market will come back to more sound levels and then at that point, the options and prices you see today, will begin to diminish. Buyers have the power now to negotiate and have many options to choose from.

Promotions and incentives

You won’t see promotions and incentives like this again! Most home builder’s sales centres are aggressively marketing different deals to appeal to the buyer. But like all good things, they will come to an end. You should really talk to your area sales manager and discover the amazing offers today, before you miss out! We have options for the suburbanite in you down in Walden or Auburn Bay, or up in Willow.  If you’re more the urban, downtown lifestyle kinda liver, you have to check out our development in Mission!

If we’re saying it, your smart investor contacts are saying it and your friends are doing it, what are you waiting for? You’d be wiser and better off in your future if you make the decision to buy a new home now, rather than waiting to see for yourself that what the experts have been saying all along is true…NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!


Photo credit for mortgage letters to: Lendingmemo