August at University District – Construction Update

We’ve made it half way through May and the long weekend is on the horizon. Thankfully, construction at August has not experienced any slow downs due to Covid-19, and everything is moving along nicely with possessions still scheduled to start late September/early October. We will continue to update you accordingly over the next few months. In the meantime, here is the update for each floor:

Parkade 1 – Most steel walls are up and drywalled. Meanwhile, in Parkade 2, steel walls are being framed.

Main Floor – Plumbers and Electricians have completed about 75% of their rough-ins. Dividing walls are up between the units, and drywall is scheduled to start shortly. The HSS steel is completely installed. Curtain walls are starting this week as well.

2nd Floor – All units have been taped, 16 units have been textured and cabinets are being installed in the first 4 units!

2nd Floor Courtyard – Flatworks are scheduled to start shortly now that the weather has warmed up.

3rd Floor – Taping has started in the first 5 units, HVAC is complete and all bulkheads are complete.

4th Floor – All units have been completely boarded out, HVAC is complete and bulkheads are all framed.

5th Floor – All units have been completely boarded out, HVAC is in progress and bulkhead framing has started.

6th Floor – The Electricians have completed the 6th floor, fire caulking and spray foam are complete.

Roof – The roof is finished and sealed with the exception of the elevator roof. This will be complete once we get life lines and the hoist beam dropped in.

Exterior Finish – Exterior finish materials were delivered on April 24th. The South face of the building has trim, Z girts and insulation is installed on 75% of the building. Watching the exteriors come together is really bringing this project to life! Take a drive by and see it for yourself.

Well that is it for now, enjoy spring and we will see you next month!

Maurizio @ August at UD