August at University District: Construction Update

The summer’s been very busy in the University District with lots of construction going on. If you haven’t been by in a while, here’s a quick breakdown of what’s been happening over the past month:

  • Completion of the North pond and park: With the opening of the new dog park, there’s been a major increase in furry friends stopping by the Discovery Centre. Now that the park is complete, the focus has shifted towards finalizing  pathways, and connecting pedestrian trails to the main intersections.
  • Dog park parking: Feel free to park at the Discovery Centre and stop in for some dog treats before you head over to the North Pond.
  • Neighborhood Park Construction: Just a block away from our August at University District site, there’s another park in the works, which will hopefully be open by the end of construction season. Concrete walls have been poured the and a playground is set to be installed by the end of September. For safety purposes, this is currently gated off.
  • Block 22 (Urban Market): Construction is well under way, please watch for lane closures and be sure you obey the signage.

Until next month,

Bre @ August


Photo creds:
University District