Autumn Design Trend: Bringing Nature Indoors

The showhome designers at Avi Urban are constantly discovering new finds and are up on the latest trends in home décor. This autumn, they’re taking inspiration from nature to decorate inside and out. Showhome decorator Chloe Leung explains why bringing the outside in is “in” for this season.

This season, we’re all about bringing the outdoors in. In the fall, you see a lot of colours coming through in home décor that are inspired by the colours happening outside (think oranges, browns, yellows, and other harvest colours).

Decorate your front stoop: This is an opportunity to really make use of the season’s best in a place that’s often overlooked. We shop at HomeSense for a lot of our décor, and we recently found cool branches and faux pumpkins that you can mix with actual pumpkins and leaves. This is a great option for your front step or entrance, as they’re hearty enough to survive the changing weather.

Mix up the wreaths: Not every wreath has to be a literal interpretation of the season. Instead of the sometimes-cheesy Halloween wreaths, try taking a more natural approach with a branch wreath. You can find these at craft stores, or you can try making your own.

Try pumpkins: We love using pumpkins as accessories, both inside and out. Instead of using the regular carved variety in your place, try painting them instead! Mix these with regular pumpkins in different sizes, and try using a Krylon mirror spray for a super cool effect.

Warm up the colours: Add touches of copper or brass to warm up the place, with accessories and candleholders. While these aren’t generally found in nature, they’re a cool nod to the outdoors and industrial look we’re loving right now. You can also use the harvest tones in easy updates like curtains, throw blankets or pillows.

Up the ante on the mantle: This is the perfect place to bring in those gorgeous leaves that are falling around your neighbourhood. Use different sized vases to layer leaves with balls of yarn, gourds, sticks, branches or candles.

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