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November is a sports packed month so you know you’ll be glued to the tube watching all the goals, touchdowns, baskets, home runs and of course, the best highlights.  And while you’re munchin’ away on all the tasty snacks and focused on the game, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your TV is placed in the best spot for optimal viewing pleasure, whether the TV is too high to too low, and whether the furniture is placed just right to make the game day experience that much more memorable . Don’t worry, Avi Urban has it all played out for you!

Best optimal viewing distance

Depending on the space you live in, sometimes you just don’t have a choice on where your couch and TV can be placed. But nowadays, with so many different floor plans and open spaces to work with, it can be challenging to know if your couch is too close, your TV is too small (it can’t ever be big enough!) or your TV is too far away.

According to apartmenttherapy.com here are some calculations for optimal viewing pleasure:

3 x H : Place your sofa at a distance of three times the height of the screen. For example, if you’re buying a TV that has a screen height of 30 inches, you should sit approximately 90 inches or 7 feet away to view your TV.

1.5 x Screen Size: Place your sofa at a distance of 1.5 times the diagonal measurement of the screen. For example, if you have a 42 inch screen then the distance should be 63 inches or 5 feet 3 inches from the TV. If you have a 60 inch screen, then the viewing distance should be 90 inches or 7 feet 6 inches from the TV.

2.75 x Screen Size: Place your sofa at a distance of 2.75 inches away for each inch of diagonal screen size.  The ideal viewing distance for a TV is around 4 inches for every inch of diagonal screen size. For a full HD plasma, LCD or LED it is around 2.75 inches for every inch.

Placement of your TV

Apartmenttherapy.com says, if you’re looking for a hard and fast rule for measuring how high to mount your TV, there isn’t a one-fits-all solution. They suggest to take a moment to thoughtfully consider how you watch TV, and the answer (and soon your TV) will be right in front of you.

What room is it in?
And ideal TV placement won’t be the same in every room. For instance, you’ll probably want your TV mounted higher up in the bedroom so piles of sheets won’t block your view.

Where are you when you watch it?
Figuring out how high to mount the TV has everything to do with where people sit when they watch it. Tall stools? A low-to-the-ground sofa? A good rule of thumb is to mount the TV so that its center lines up with the eye level of the people watching.

Are there any existing features to work around?
The ideal height might not always be attainable or desirable, especially if you’re trying to work the TV into a room’s decor. Things like chair rails or built-in shelving can get in the way, so just try to get as close to eye-level as possible. And if you’ve always had your eye set on an above-the-fireplace TV mount, go for it. Just make sure the elevated height won’t strain your neck—sit on the sofa and practice staring at the area for several minutes.

The perfect furniture placement

There are some basic rules to follow when placing your furniture in different rooms of your home. We want to focus on your living room or entertaining space, where you’ll most likely watch the game, and got some final pointers from apartmenttherapy.com so you can hit a home run on this one!

Distance between a sofa and coffee table: Allow around 18″ between the table and sofa edge to give enough leg room but to be able to set down drinks or reach appetizers without straining. Coffee table heights vary greatly, but a good rule is to keep the table height and seat height within 4 inches of each other.

 Distance between seating furniture: Aim to provide between 3.5′ and 10′ between seating options to help conversation flow without crowding a room.

Side table and sofa height: In general, an end table should be approximately the same height as the arm of your sofa or chair. This allows guests to set down or reach for drinks without straining, and it also lends a more cohesive feel to the room.

Now that we’ve got you covered to ensure your room is perfectly set up to take in all the games, we’ve also found some sport-packed calendars so you can plan what games to watch and when, so you can start planning for your sport-fanatic friends to come over and cheer with you!

Check out these calendars so you don’t miss a play!
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