Avi Urban led by Business in Calgary Leader Winner

When we found out that our president, Charron Ungar, was nominated for the Business in Calgary Leaders award, we were thrilled!

Right away we started thinking about how we could submit the nomination on his behalf, that would make it stand out from the rest (insert brainstorm bubble here.)
We decided that we would sit down with the management team here at Avi Urban, and get their insights on how Charron leads the teams, what makes him a great leader and how he can overcome obstacles, among other things.

The idea grew in to something so moving.

All of the members from the management team were interviewed separately, were asked the same questions and we video recorded them throughout their interview.
So no one knew what the other said. Collectively, they all used similar descriptions when they spoke about Charron as their leader:

-Visionary with a belief for design
-Eye to detail second to none
-On the leading edge
-Focus driven
-Innovative and committed
-Ability to see something that’s missing
-Talented leader
-Looks at things in a different light
-Believes that obstacles present opportunities

It was remarkable to hear every team member echo similar thoughts on Charron’s leadership. It was touching to hear the confidence, pride and trust they have in our leader.
So it is a great honor to know that we are led by such an intelligent and talented leader and that he is recognized among his peers and in the industry.

But what does this mean for you as a potential buyer or homeowner? This means you’re guaranteed to have great designs, townhomes that you aspire to live in, a home built with functionality and communities that fit your lifestyle. Hear from the man himself!

These are all things we can all be thankful for…

Congratulations Charron!