Avi Urban President Charron Ungar Speaks About Managing Your Business Through Challenging Times

Earlier this week Avi Urban President Charron Ungar was invited to take part in the Fast Growth Champions Series put on by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.  The theme of the event was how to manage your business through challenging times.  Other panelists included CEO of Imaginea Energy Suzanne West, VP of Marketing for Live Out There Inc. David Nagy, and CEO of West Canadian Industries and former Calgary Stampede President George Brookman.

Guests were invited to ask questions to the panel throughout the event, and were given a variety of no holds barred answers from these industry leaders.  Ungar was both proud and honoured to be a representative of the housing industry at the event.  “Having experienced several downturns myself, I understand how uncertain that can make a business leader feel.  To share a piece of what I’ve learned is just one way I hope I can repay some of the advice I’ve been given in the past.”  For Charron, the most prominent and important thing to remember both from the event and managing business in challenging times is the idea of looking inwardly at your business, with three key points.

  1. It’s important to look at the efficiencies and inefficiencies of your business from the inside in order to know where you can improve during tough times, but also to ensure you’re not wasteful during the good times.
  2. Communication is essential, not just to your employees, but also from your employees to you.
  3. You have to nurture relationships, building them during the challenging times, so you are able to capitalize on those strong relationships when things inevitably get better.

The overall mood of the evening was light hearted, with all experts assuring the audience that we have seen much worse, but also that we have overcome similar challenges in the past, and always come out stronger than before.

To learn more about the Calgary Chamber of Commerce Fast Growth Champions Series, including future events, check out the website!