Avi Urban Wants You to Show it Off!

So you bought your new home and made it yours. You put your best decorative foot forward and added your own unique touch.

You worked hard to pick out the perfect furniture and art pieces that will coexist with what you already had and moved in to your new place. And it took time. Time to place everything in the perfect spot and time to make each room as magical as you imagined.

You went in to a creative mindset, tried a piece of furniture in a new place, hung art on different walls…left it for a day, came back and then changed everything again.
Then, there was that unexpected day when everything just clicked and BOOM, your room is complete!

You show it off to all your friends and family…so now what?

Well, we want you to show it off to everyone we know!

We want to share your creative design skills to showcase how hip our homeowners are! We want you to show us how you made great use of a small space, unique storage ideas or innovative den solutions or anything else you want to share cause you know you killed it (go on with your bad-self!)

Why would you want to share with us?

Well, we think you’re pretty great and we want to show everyone how you made our design unique to you! And since you’re so creative, we want to inspire other Avi Urban homeowners to get their creative juices flowing! Not only that, but we’ll reward you for all your hard work with gift cards to HomeSense!

To qualify, you must be an Avi Urban homeowner and allow the photo that you send us to be shared on social media.

All finalists will win a prize!

3rd place – $100 HomeSense gift card

2nd place – $200 HomeSense gift card

1st place – $500 HomeSense gift card

The winner will be announced in our newsletter and we may do a feature of you and how you were inspired (if you’re brave enough to show that beautiful artist within face!)

Please send up to three photos to vlau@homesbyavi.com

Contest closes September 23, 2016.

Come on now, show us what you got!

Your Avi Urban team