Back to School DIY: Whiteboard Calendar Wall Treatment


Our Avi Urban interior designers are constantly coming up with clever ways to decorate your home on a budget. Interior designer Marnie Galbraith is currently in showhome-decorating mode and used a fun DIY option to decorate one of the bedroom walls. Marnie says, “This project looks fantastic once it’s done, and is really functional for back to school in a home office or kid’s room.”


Here’s how she created a whiteboard calendar wall treatment:

1.       Grab Your Supplies: Everything you need for this project can be found at your local hardware and craft stores. Pick up the following items:

·         Two 10 inch circle stencils

·         One foam roller

·         Disposable plate to hold paint

·         Two rolls of low-tack tape

·         One can of cream coloured chalkboard paint or whiteboard paint (we use Rustoleum)

·         Small measuring tape

·         A level (large is preferred)

·         A pencil

2.       Create your frame: Start by choosing the wall colour you’d like. Then measure out a space to paint a “frame.” Using a level, mark and tape off the square frame with about three inches between two strips of tape, then paint within the tape to create the frame.

3.       Mark your spots: You’ll be painting 38 spots on your wall, six across by seven down (and skipping a few at the top and bottom). A tape measure and level are your best friends with this project, so use them! Starting in the top centre, mark off the middle of your circle about 12 inches down, then do them same at the bottom centre of the frame. Measure for six circles spaced evenly down the centre of the frame, then use that same measurement to plot the seven circles across (making sure you skip three on the second row on the left and one on the bottom right).

4.       Grab a stencil: Marking your circles can be done with at circle marker (found at craft stores) or stencils. We used stencils found at your local craft store, taped over the pencil marks you made.

5.       Whiteboard or chalkboard paint: The circles are painted with chalkboard paint, found at your local hardware store, but whiteboard paint is another great option. Our team taped the stencils, and then used a foam roller to apply the paint. Two coats may be necessary, especially if you’re painting on a dark wall.

6.       Mark the dates: Free-handing or working with stencils, mark the days of the week on the top row and the calendar dates below using chalk. Try using different chalk colours to create a unique effect or reflect the season.

Try using different coloured paint or even a white background wall to create different effects. Whatever you choose, have fun creating a super functional and fun wall treatment – perfect for back to school.