The Block: Construction Update – February 2014

It’s already been a major month at The Block! Exteriors are being revealed, the courtyard is being completed, and the interiors of each home are coming together.

With so much progress happening both inside and outside these new Calgary condos and townhomes, we checked in with our site superintendent Colin to get the latest on where each floor of this boutique building is at.

On the first floor, the countertops have now all been installed! These stunning quartz countertops vary by home, based on the colour options that you chose (the grey quartz was seriously popular!)

Cabinets and built-ins have also been installed, and we’re starting the tiling this week. That means all floor tile, backsplash tile, and shower surround tile. The custom door colours are also being painted for homes on this floor.

On the second floor, mechanical and electrical finishes are being done in the next couple of weeks, which includes everything from pendant light fixtures to toilets and sinks! Hardwood floors are also being installed this week, with four homes already completed. The custom door colours are also being painted. Cabinet installations and countertops are almost done, along with the built-ins, and tile is complete on the floor, backsplashes, and showers. It looks incredible!

On the third floor, drywalling and taping is now happening on these condos. After drywalling will come paint, cabinet installation, and mechanical and electrical finishes. Drywalling is a major step and really helps you to see the space as more than a construction zone. It’s exciting stuff, and really cool to see these homes take shape.

On the fourth floor, rough-ins will be happening soon (that’s all the stuff behind the walls that makes your home run, like the in-floor heating, plumbing, and electrical). Specifically, electrical rough-ins will start to happen in the next few weeks.

In the townhomes, the north homes are at the insulation stage, with mechanical and electrical rough-ins now complete. One the west townhomes, the same rough-ins will also be happening. shortly

On the building exterior, the big news is that the siding is being completed up to the 4th floor! We tore down the tarps last week and revealed the incredible exterior, which looks awesome. In the courtyard, lighting is being installed and the brick planters are now finished – it looks great. All of the windows and doors across the development are also now complete.

Keep it locked to our Facebook page, we’ll be posting tons of new photos and video as the development progresses.

Melissa @ The Block