Bring Your Home from Winter to Spring

With spring here, there are a few things homeowners should consider to bring their home from winter to spring. Your home is built to last, and our Avi Urban Warranty Team of experts make sure it does.

When you become a homeowner in an Avi Urban development, you receive the Avi Urban One Year Warranty. This ensures the workmanship and materials in your home function just how they were designed to. Each homeowner gets a personal visit from our team at the 3 month and 12 month mark, plus the option for on-call and after-hours service.

When bringing your home from winter to spring, our Warranty Team can help with some useful suggestions and ideas. Here’s a quick checklist to ensure your new townhome or condo transitions from winter to spring!

·         Check and change your furnace filter

·         Check your humidifier, cleaning and adjusting the settings accordingly

·         Adjust or reprogram your thermostat if necessary

·         Test your smoke detectors

·         If you have the controls to the exterior water faucets, turn them on

·         Test your doors and windows to make sure they are functioning properly

·         Check the weather stripping on the inside of doors and your garage door

·         Clean the tops of ceiling fans (if you have them)

·         Check your window screens for tears or breaks

If you have any questions about your new townhome, check in with our Avi Urban Warranty Team at (403)536-7000 or