Buffalo at Silverado: Attention pet lovers!

As a pet owner you know how valuable it is to have a place for your animals to play.  You’ve probably also realized the importance of a convenient community. It’s important to have parks and pathways to take them for their routine walks; not to mention the value of having a trustworthy vet close by.

Buffalo at Silverado has it all for you and your furry friends.  These stunning Silverado townhomes provide you with a private, fenced backyard and walkout patio, giving them ample room to play. Additionally, the beautiful southwest community is home to the passionate Silverado Veterinary Hospital, two minutes away, in the neighborhood market place.

We know how special your pet is, and how essential these amenities are for you both. In your search for a new home, we’ll help you search for your pet too!

Come visit our sales center and discover even more benefits to owning a home at Buffalo in Silverado.

Until next time,

Whitney at Buffalo


Photo Creds:
Jonathan Kriz
Thomas Hawk
Kat Martin
Michael Gil
J. Sibiga Photography