Buffalo at Silverado: Basements and backyards


You need balance between indoor and outdoor living space, and Buffalo at Silverado has both! This beautiful southwest development brings you more living space and quaint fenced backyards with walkout patios.

Inside, imagine the endless possibilities for your basement. Wouldn’t it be great to have an extra bedroom, an entertainment room, or that man cave you’ve always wanted?  We’ve got basement plans to help you to add to the functionality of your new pad.  It’s the perfect spot to hibernate on those chilly winter days.

And outside you’ll find tons of use for your spacious backyard. Whether you prefer to sit out and soak up the sun, throw a summertime soiree, let your pet out to play or host a family BBQ, these yards will do the trick—especially during those sunny summer months.

Take a look at our basement developments and come out for a visit to our sales center in Silverado. We’d be happy to show you all of the features and the many benefits to owning a home at Buffalo in Silverado.

Until next time,

Whitney at Buffalo.

Photo cred:
Jerald Jackson