Buffalo at Silverado: Construction Update

Buffalo at Silverado is beyond excited to announce that our very first possessions are coming up! The construction crew is moving along quickly and we are hoping to be able to do walk-throughs of the A and B plans within the next couple weeks, so stay tuned!

Here is a brief update on the progress of the buildings:

Buildings 1 & 2 – Cleaning is underway

Building 3 – Ceiling texture

Building 4 – Footings

Building 5–  Sidewalks are being poured

Building 6 – Cabinets are being installed

Building 7 – In the final stages

Building 8 – Boarding is in progress

Building 9 – Installing appliances

Building 10 – In the final stages

Building 11 – Taping is in progress

Building 12 – Installing cabinets

Building 13 – Insulating

Building 14 – Insulation

Come on down and visit us here at Buffalo.

Bre @ Buffalo