Buffalo at Silverado: Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is right around the corner on Sunday May 14th, and Buffalo in Silverado has a few suggestions for you on what to do with your special lady.

  • A good’ol fashion Mother’s Day Brunch is especially quaint at one of our top brunch picks in the south.
  • A beautiful nature walk through Fish creek park, only minutes away from Silverado.
  • Take up a cooking class at the Saskatoon Berry farm, just south of Silverado on Macleod trail. They serve lunch and brunch daily. This is one of my favorites, and since it’s a little bit of a drive outside of the city you can make a full day of it with mom.
  • As Silverado is a perfect secret residential pocket close to Stoney Trail, that 30 minute drive out to Bragg Creek for a picnic is quite convenient. Forget me not Pond and Elbow Falls are beautiful this time of year. Or wander around the Canyon Creek Ice cave.
  • For the traditional bunch of flowers, we have you covered. Check out: Sobey’s, Michelle’s Floral boutique, or Edible arrangements.
  • Maybe your mom is looking to downsize, or perhaps you might want an investment? Come take a drive out to Buffalo at Silverado, enjoy a relaxing yoga class at Hot shop then have lunch at Kildares, and take in the scenic private neighborhood. You may just want to live out here.

Until next time,

Whitney @ Buffalo


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