Buffalo at Silverado: Have you ever been to Silverado?

Have you ever wanted to live somewhere that had everything you ever needed and wanted yet wasn’t over populated or crowded? Me too.

That’s exactly what Buffalo at Silverado is. Nestled away in the secret south west pocket of Calgary’s scenic residential community and hidden away next to acreages, and peaceful ranch lands, these are only some of the reasons behind why Avi Urban wanted to build here.

You wont have to worry about a neighborhood watch group, as the residents of Silverado are beyond neighborly. Everyone is genuinely concerned about the community, and not that nosy neighbor type.  It often feels like a small town. The constant friendly “hello’s” and “how are you’s” at the neighborhood pub, or Sobey’s, sure makes you feel right at home.

If you need to hop on the LRT,  you’re only a short drive to the Shawnessy station, and minutes away from South Center mall. Plans to develop 2 more stops south continue to make this prized community worth the consideration for your next or new home purchase.

On weekends, during the spring/ summer months, take a drive up to Spruce Meadows and take in the horse jumping and various activities.  You’ll be glad you live so close to this extraordinary outdoor facility.

We are super close to some of Calgary’s BEST golf courses. Sirroco Golf Club, and  Heritage Pointe are challenging courses, Voted Calgary’s best!  The unparalleled beautiful scenery is well worth getting those clubs out. I would also give Blue Devil a try. It’s new, and offers a “lil devil” 9-hole course for the beginners, seniors, or ladies looking for a nice quick round of golf early morning. A perfect way to work on that short game. Plus each of these courses offer delicious meals at the club house restaurant.

Since we’re minutes off of Stoney as well, you can pretty much get anywhere real quick. Makes for getting in and out of the city much easier.

Come out for a visit and tour this quiet and charming community. You may fall in love. We did.

Until next time,

Whitney @ Buffalo


Photo Creds:
Jonathan Willier
Heather Elaine Ritchie
Fredrik Lindström