Buffalo at Silverado: In the community

It may not be official yet, but summer is definitely here! With that come the much anticipated outdoor activities. Cyclists are out, sports cars  and motorcycles are back on the roads and most importantly our kids are out of school and their summer sports have begun.

Buffalo at Silverado would like to remind everyone to slow down in residential communities, be safe and respectful of other commuters, and watch out for pedestrians.

In July 2014  City Council approved changes to combine school and playground zones. Makes sense to us. Now city-wide, playground zones are in effect from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week, with a 30 km/hr speed.

Even though these times are marked, we urge drivers to act with caution around fields, parks, pathways and playgrounds; keeping an eye out for children and pedestrians at all times. It only adds an average of 4-10 seconds to your commute to slow down to 30 km/hr in these zones. The safety benefit is huge, and it starts with all of us.

For more information or to learn about requesting a playground zone in your area, visit the city’s playground zones web page here.

Now get out there and enjoy the sunshine.

Until next time,

Whitney @ Buffalo


Photo Creds:
Oran Viriyincy
John Moriarty