Buffalo at Silverado: July construction update

Wowzers!! July is here and we are beyond pumped to share the news of our showhome opening at the end of the month. You have limited time to see our B-Plan kitchen model, along with the beautiful set-up we have here at our current Buffalo sales center, as our sales trailer will be closed July 10th.

Our remarkable construction crews continue to hit the ball out of the park with their progress.

Here’s the building-by-building update with our tentatively scheduled possessions:

Building 1: (first building on the boulevard) The siding and exteriors are finished. We’re now at the drywall stage and things are happening quite quickly with the final touches. The painters have started the basement in unit (1), where our showhome will be and were moving along with cabinets, with flooring to follow.

Building 2: The crews are finishing up with rough-in’s and siding to follow. October/November possessions.

Building 3: Currently working on rough-in’s and siding to follow. October/November possessions.

Building 5: Finishing touches and cabinets are going in. August/September possessions.

Building 6: Currently working on rough-in’s with siding to follow. October/November possessions.

Building 7: Working on insulating and exteriors. Siding is on. October/November possessions.

Building 8: Currently back framing. Window installation will be next. October/November possessions.

Building 9: We’re taping and getting ready for the painters. Finishing and cabinets will be next. August/September possessions.

Building 10: At the drywall stage and finishing and cabinets will follow.  August/September possessions.

Building 11: Working on rough-in’s and siding will follow. October/November possessions.

Building 12: We’re currently doing the paper and working on the rough-in’s. Siding will begin in a couple weeks.

Building 13: Crews are working on the rough-in’s and siding will be next. October/ November possessions.

Building 14: Crews are framing the first floor and the second floor is next. October/November possessions.

We’re thrilled to know we’ll be sitting in our new showhome by the end of the month, but don’t miss out on seeing our B plan model if you haven’t been out to see the sales center.

Until next time,

Whitney @ Buffalo