Buffalo at Silverado: June construction update

Buffalo at Silverado continues to impress us with the transformation on our site. The effort from our construction crews has been truly inspiring, and with two teams working in tandem the progress is something else.

Check out our building by building update:

Building 1: (First building on the boulevard) We are starting the siding!! Yay! Pretty exciting!

Building 2: Currently back framing. Windows will be going in right away.

Building 3: The roof is going on. Insulation and dry wall will be next.

Building 5: Insulation and dry-wall. Siding will follow.

Building 6: Finishing framing, wrapping and roof will follow.

Building 7:  We’re starting insulation and rough-ins.

Building 8: Framing first floor, and second floor framing will follow.

Building 9: Finishing back framing and starting on siding.

Building 10: Rough-in’s are starting and then we’ll be proceed with siding.

Building 11: We’ve finished with framing and are currently working on the roof.

Building 12: We’ve started with rough-in’s and siding will follow.

Building 13: Framing the first and second floors, to be followed by trusses and the roof.

Building 14: We’ve started excavating.

With only on more building to start, this beautiful southwest development will be finished before you know it.

We’re can’t wait see the stunning exteriors next week; take a drive out to visit us and see the progress for yourself.

Until next time,

Whitney @ Buffalo