Buffalo at Silverado: March construction update

Footings, foundations, and framing! OH MY!

Construction continues at a steady pace in Buffalo at Silverado. 

Here’s a building by building update:

Building 1:  (The first building on the boulevard) Footings are in,  basement foundations were poured followed with a water-proof wrap, weeping tile and framing.

Building 5: Basements have been poured, sub-floor has been installed and we’ve started framing the main floor.

Building 7: Basements have been poured and are ready for sub-floor and framing. Walls have arrived and we are ready to frame.

Building 9: Basements are in, and the water-proof wrap is complete and framing has started.

Building 10: Basements are in and the foundation has been water-proof wrapped, followed by sub-floor and framing.

Building 12: Crews are currently excavating and footings are to follow.

We’re currently offering some excellent promotions for basement development! Come by for a visit to our sales center for all the details and to check out the progress on our site.

Until next time,

Whitney @ Buffalo.