Buffalo at Silverado: May Construction Update

Time flies when you’re busy working hard. Our construction crews know all about that. It feels like they’re working around the clock in Buffalo at Silverado.

Here’s an updated schedule on the progress for each building:

Building 1: (First building on the boulevard) Windows and Doors are going in this week. Rough-in’s are next.

Building 2: Second floor is framed, Trusses will be next followed by the roof.

Building 3: The main floor is framed, the second floor is next, then preparation for the roof.

Building 5: The roof is complete and the windows and doors have been installed. Rough-in’s are also complete and the locations of each outlet have been discussed as we move forward with insulation and dry-wall. Waiting on siding.

Building 6: Framing the first floor is finished, and we’re starting on the second floor.

Building 7:  The roof is complete. Window and doors will be installed.

Building 8: Foundations are in, and we will begin framing the first floor.

Building 9: Rough-in’s are going in, we’re waiting on wrapping and siding.

Building 10: Windows and doors are being installed. Followed by Rough-in’s

Building 11: Currently working on the basements, framing main floor will follow.

Building 12: The roof is up, and shingles are loaded for installation.

Building 13: Basements are complete. Crews will start framing the main floor.

Every week there is something new to see. We cannot wait until exteriors happen!

Until next time.

Whitney @ Buffalo