Buffalo at Silverado: Mid-month construction update


It’s unbelievable how quickly the buildings are going up in Buffalo at Silverado. With all this progress we thought it was appropriate to issue a mid-month update for our buyers and readers alike.

Our Area Sales Manager, Karen, and I attended a rough-in walk-through on building five last week to get some insider pictures to share with you.

Here’s the status for each building as we sail through construction this month:

Building 1: (First building on the boulevard) The roof is on and shingles will be installed this week, with windows and doors to follow.

Building 2: The first floor is framed and we are about to start on the second.

Building 3: Foundations and basements are complete. Our crews are getting ready to start framing the main floor.

Building 5: The roof is complete and the windows and doors have been installed. Rough-in’s are also complete and the locations of each outlet have been discussed as we move forward with insulation and dry-wall.

Building 6: Foundations are complete and crews are ready to begin framing the main floor.

Building 7:  The roof is almost complete, with shingles loaded and ready for installation this week.

Building 8: Excavating is complete, forums are in and foundations will follow.

Building 9: The roof is complete, windows and doors have been installed and rough-in’s are in progress.

Building 10: Shingles are going in, with windows and doors next in line, followed by rough-in’s.

Building 11: Currently working on the basements, framing main floor will follow.

Building 12: Crews are framing the second floor and trusses for the roof are ready to go up.

When you have a chance to visit come see everything for yourself — You will be amazed at the progress.

Until next time,

Whitney @ Buffalo