Buffalo in Silverado: Three fun ways to keep active in the winter

Has  it become a little too frosty for that morning or evening jog? Are you dreading getting out of your warm bed to hit the gym? Well you’re in luck— We’ve got three fun ways to stay active and warm.

1: Is boxing the new spin? Switch up the old routine and try something new and fun. Boxing is the newest (not to mention super fun) activity to hit our city. It incorporates cardio and core conditioning, while strengthening muscles  and burning fat. Check out the Sweat Science in Inglewood for a 50 minute workout that will keep you fired up, entertained and coming back for round two in the new 30 heavy-bag studio.

“Going in one more round when you don’t think you can – that’s what makes all the difference in your life.” -Rocky Balboa.

2. Get on that bike and ride: Indoors of course, at YYC Cycle they offer a unique way to stay fit and have fun. Climbing that hill with your buddies never felt so good. You’ll leave feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and motivated. Along with improving your cardiovascular health, spin helps you strengthen and tone muscles in your legs, core, and upper body while jamming to great catchy beats. Like clubbing on a bike.

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasures of riding a bike” – John F. Kennedy

3. Climb, Climb, Climb:  Calgary climbing center has three indoor locations for you to experience the thrill of climbing, without having to endure the chilly outdoors. With or without a partner, you can get in a good one hour muscle burning session. This activity gives you a feeling of accomplishment when you make it to the top of these 70 ft. walls. Make it interesting by grabbing a friend and challenging each other.

“Every mountain top is within reach, if you just keep climbing.” – Barry Finlay

Now get out there, have fun and stay active!

Until next time,

Whitney @ Buffalo


Photo Creds:
The Sweat Science
YYC Cycle
Guernsey Sports