Buyer Profile – The First Purchaser!

Who: James S

What: Sapphire

Why Prospect Rise in Kincora?

As a Real Estate investor and lifelong northwest homeowner, I’m drawn to communities that are in close proximity to desired amenities and that have access to major transportation corridors.  Prospect Rise in Kincora has all of that and more.  The cosmetic appeal and quality of workmanship demonstrated in past Avi Urban projects compelled me to seriously look at purchasing at Prospect Rise.  A quality built product in an appealing neighbourhood.  Who could possibly go wrong with that combination?

The sales team clinched the decision by making the due diligence process painless.  It is in my nature to ask lots of questions, and the sales team was more than willing to go above and beyond answering every one of them expediently, and with a smile.

What did you like best about the Sapphire?

There were lots of features about the Sapphire that I liked, but the main floor living space was particularly attractive to me.  Every square inch of space is well utilized.  There are lots of windows allowing for an abundance of natural light.  Some of the minor enhancements from previous Sapphire models indicated that Avi really cares about constantly improving their designs by monitoring consumer demand and feedback.  That impressed me.

Favorite spot in the area?

The Creekside Mall.  Having a property that is within walking distance to the numerous services at the Creekside Mall is a big bonus for me.  There is banking, groceries, home improvement, medical, pharmacy, and food services of just about every description.  It’s all there and more.

Favorite pastime activity?

Taking time away from the busyness of business life by getting involved in volunteer activities in my community and church, whether it be in the area of music or offering my experiences in helping people in the area of budgeting or investing. . . . gives me reason to get out of bed each morning.

Favorite Memory from the past year?

With our youngest son’s imminent graduation from high school this year, we enjoyed Spring Break together by exploring much of the state of Tennessee. The diversity of music from Nashville to Memphis and everything in between was impressive.  Touring Grand Ole Opry, Graceland, Sun studios are just a few of the highlights.  This was a musical experience of a lifetime!