Canoe at Auburn Bay: Auburn Bay Health and Fitness

Thanks to the wealth of the information out there, and recommendations on living a healthy lifestyle, the health and fitness industry is a community that is constantly growing. People want to feel and look good both inside and out and live long vibrant lives.

With the community of Auburn Bay and surrounding areas growing rapidly, businesses are coming in to provide the public with many options for health and fitness.
From our current development in Canoe at Auburn Bay there are many options close by to make the need for living a healthy lifestyle extremely convenient.
Here are just a few that would be right at your doorstep:

Orange Theory Fitness – 6 minute drive (2.4 km)

South Health Campus YMCA  – 6 minute drive (2.1 km)

9 Round – 8 minute drive (4.7 km)

Soul Spin /Soul Hot Yoga  – 8 minute drive (5 km)

Goodlife McKenzie – 8 minute drive (3.3 km)

Rush Lifestyle, Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching – 8 minute drive (3.2 km)

Goodlife Fitness South Pointe – 10 minute drive (5.5 km)

Ellequin Wellness Centre – 15 minute drive (11 km)

That’s just to name a few…and let’s not forget Auburn Bay is a lake community, with parks, sand, and water to provide refuge for those much needed outdoor activities!

Amanda @ Canoe