Canoe at Auburn Bay: Buyer Profile

Meet Jennifer – She is the proud owner of a brand new condo at Canoe at Auburn Bay.
She purchased one of our one bedroom, one bathroom homes.


Favorite thing about Auburn Bay or the SE?
The lake

Bio (tell us about yourself):
I grew up in the Maritimes and I work in human resources.

Why did you choose to call Canoe your home?
Location and value.

How did you heard about us?
Driving by.

Your favourite thing about your new home?
Having a larger closet and underground parking!

Favourite sinful food?
Red wine and cheese

What is the coolest thing about you? 
I’m adventurous. I’ve gone camping and traveling by myself.  I’m always looking for new places to explore.  I’m also very loyal.  I’ve had friends that I’m still close to in spite of two decades of living at opposite ends of the country.

 Nicknames as a kid?
Jennie/Jenny/Jenni – I changed the spelling a lot as a kid. Variety is the spice of life!

 Most triumphant moment?
Being the first in my family to get a bachelor’s degree.

If you could have a super power what would it be?
The ability to be in multiple places at once.

What do you think about the name Canoe? Love it or hate it? And Why?
I like it. It reflects lake living.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know more about you! We look forward to handing over the keys to your new home!

Amanda @ Canoe