Canoe at Auburn Bay: Buyer Profile

Meet Dmitry and Aleksandra! They’re the proud new owners of the one bedroom A in Canoe at Auburn Bay. Here’s what they had to say about themselves and why they’re excited to be part of our amazing Canoe family!

Favourite thing about Auburn Bay or the SE?

We’re excited to live in an area of the city with lake access!


We moved to Canada from the Ukraine 3 years ago and fell in love with this country. We have a great opportunity to build a new life here, and buying our first home at Canoe is a big step towards our success. We love Canadian nature and traveling. I think Yukon and the North West territories are our next destinations.

Why you chose to call Canoe your home?

It has everything we wanted, a lake community, shopping center and it’s close to nature. Canoe had all of that to offer and more!

How did you hear about us?

We were looking for a new place outside of downtown. One day while driving around the city, we found Auburn Bay. We then found the Canoe office, met Kassandra and Tara who were very friendly, kind and professional. They provided excellent customer service. We had no doubts to buy our home with Avi.

Your favourite thing about your new home?

The avocado colour door and big windows facing south. We are sure our unit will be nice and sunny!

What is the coolest thing about you?

Dmitry: “My dreams always come true”

Aleksandra: “I love crochet”

Nicknames as a kid?

Dmitry: Kefir

Aleksandra: Miron

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Dmitry: beef dip

Aleksandra: rat

Most embarrassing moment?

When Dmitry fell asleep with a piece of chocolate in his mouth. Guess what happened when he woke up…

Most triumphant moment?

When we got visas to Canada 🙂

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Dmitry: I would fly

Aleksandra: I would make everyone healthy

What do you think about the name Canoe? Love it or hate it? And Why?

We like it. It reminds us of mountains and a little blue lake, where we’re canoeing towards our dreams.

Thanks again Dmitry and Aleksandra! It’s great to know our Canoe development has so many wonderful homeowners just like you!

If you want to be a part of our Canoe at Auburn Bay family, give us a call at 403-536-7282 or visit us at

Tara @Canoe