Canoe at Auburn Bay: Buyer Profile

Meet Stu!  He’s the proud new owner of the One Bedroom A plan at Canoe.  We asked him to answer a few fun questions to help us get to know him better, and this is what he had to say about himself and why he chose Canoe by Avi Urban.

What is your favourite thing about Auburn Bay or the SE?

I’d have to say being a stone’s throw away from South Health Campus, the opportunity for recreation, diversity in the community, having lake access for my kayak, and just being in the South. 

Why did you chose to call Canoe your home?

The floor plan I was looking for was easily the best I’d seen in the area in which I wanted to buy.  The sales staff made it a ridiculously easy process and I’m happy to have bought a place where I get to have all the things I want and nothing I don’t.

How did you hear about us?

I didn’t hear so much as I saw, shrugged my shoulders and checked it out.  I was checking out another developer and noticed the Canoe office just sitting there.  I thought I’d walk in and check it out.  A week later I was inquiring about a purchase.  Funny how that works.

What is your favourite thing about your new home?

I like the fact that it’s a top floor unit with underground parking.  Working odd hours, it’s important for me to not have people running around making noise on my ceiling.  Also, with the weather we have in Calgary, it’s important for my car to be out of the hail, sleet, snow, etc…  Having that North facing view of downtown isn’t going to be that bad either.

What is your favourite sinful food?

Oh dear… I’m a bit of a garbage can, so I’ll eat almost anything.  I’ve eaten Scorpions in China, so you know it’s true.  I guess I’d have to say a bag of Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn with a Screamer (Slurpee with soft serve ice cream).

With that said… what is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Hmmmm, well I already gave out Scorpions… Jellyfish?  Crocodile?  Kangaroo?  Pig intestine?  Chicken hearts?  Believe it or not, it doesn’t all taste like chicken.

What is the coolest thing about you?

I’d say my experience makes me pretty cool.  I’m a former English/Language Arts teacher that spent a year in Australia and two years teaching in China.  Since then, I’ve taken up work as an Emergency 911 Call Taker for the province.  I’ve got some stories that will curl your hair.

Any childhood nicknames?

Old man.  People used to whisper things to me in class and I’d honestly have to lip read them to understand what they were saying.  Apparently that was before the warning labels on headphones to prevent hearing loss.  Oh well.

What is your most triumphant moment?

Conquering Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia.  It was a two day hike, 5 km’s long and 2.4ish km’s up.  After getting halfway, we slept in a mountainside hostel and got up at 3 am to hike 3 hours to reach the summit before sunrise.  It was easily the hardest physical trial I’ve ever completed which made the scene and subsequent pictures all the more worthwhile.  That, and I had to use all of my educational credentials to have even been given the opportunity to do it.  Pretty wild.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

I’d say that I’d probably have whatever Dr. Manhattan has.  I mean, he’s basically Superman with the ability to alter anything and everything around him and can teleport anywhere.  Why not want that?

What do you think about the name ‘Canoe’?

What’s in a name?  I believe the name of the development is cool and all, but I think the people within it and their ability to bond as a community will likely make our building a great place to live.  I’m far more interested in the people I’ll be sharing a place with.  It’s pretty exciting.


Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us, Stu!  We’re so happy you found your new home with us at Canoe.

Tara @Canoe