Canoe at Auburn Bay: Construction Update – April 2016

The team at Avi Urban would love to thank everyone who came out to our event this past Saturday, to view the finished units on the fourth floor. The event was a big success and hope this provided our homeowners more excitement!

Things are really coming along in Canoe at Auburn Bay! We are looking to have some firm dates around the middle of May regarding possessions, and hoping to have full occupancy of the building by October 2016. The east side is a little further along so we will be starting possessions earlier than the west side, but the west side isn’t behind by much. Flooring and countertops are being put in now. Once the interior of the units are done, the hallways will be completed.

We are also very excited to see the landscaping coming along nicely due to the overall great weather we’ve had. Trees and shrubs have been loaded in and it’s all starting to take shape and will be finished and beautiful in no time, creating a wonderful, private sanctuary for homeowners to enjoy.

Until next time!

Amanda @ Canoe