Canoe at Auburn Bay: Construction Update May 2016

Things are really starting to get exciting over here in Canoe at Auburn Bay with all the progress being made and with possession dates coming up!

Here is where we’re at with construction:

  • East side suites are all finished and in touch up stages
  • East side hallways all have carpet and finishes in; we are working on stairwells and the front entry
  • East side courtyard has the majority of the concrete poured and finishing in the next few weeks
  • West side first and second floors are in third party inspections, with the third and fourth floors coming up in the next few weeks
  • West side hallways are all carpeted and working on finishing the wood work and paint
  • West side the aprons from the street are in and the parking lot in
  • The parkade is currently getting touch up paint, all the parking lines are in and we are working on railings and the remaining odds and ends

Be sure to watch out for your possession date letters, it’s so close!

Until next time,

Amanda @ Canoe