Canoe at Auburn Bay: Dog Park Perks

How convenient would it be if you had a dog and lived five minutes away from a dog park?

I’d say pretty convenient.

With Canoe at Auburn Bay this could be your life. Canoe at Auburn Bay is pet friendly which means you can have a dog; you can even have two! With our condos located just up the street from the dog park, it’s just a quick five minute walk down to the park for some off-leash fun with your furry companion.

The Auburn Bay dog park is located directly off of 52nd street and has walking paths, fenced in areas, hills, digging areas and vast green space for those pups that like to play fetch.

Come down to our sales center to see one of our few remaining units, and land a home close to this awesome pet perk.

Until next time,

Jamie @ Canoe


Photo Creds:
Don DeBold
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Lisa L Wiedmeier
Jim’s Photos1
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