Canoe at Auburn Bay – First Possessions

We are so happy to announce that first possessions are now happening in Canoe at Auburn Bay! This is an exciting time for everyone at Avi Urban as we get to see all of our hard work finally come together with the last piece of the development, our homeowners now officially living in Canoe and calling it home.

To celebrate, one lucky homeowner was chosen to celebrate her possession in a very special way. Meet Amanda.

She was the perfect candidate for us to spoil on this special day! She’s a first time homeowner and the last child to leave the parent’s nest. She’s a dental hygienist, a devoted sibling, daughter and girlfriend, and a bubbly fun-loving woman. She was ecstatic that we surprised her to take her to her new home!

We had to do a little research (a.k.a creeping on Facebook) and got a hold of her boyfriend and Mom to find out what Amanda loves so we could show her that we really did our research and truly care about our homeowners. After some digging, we discovered that she had to change her flight to make it for her possession time, so we thought, since she changed her flight for us, let’s show her our appreciation and pick her up. So we did. In a stretch limo…with her best friend and mother in tow…and her fav drink chilling on ice, mimosas!

And since she was arriving around lunch time, and we had her Mom tell her that she was going to pick her up from the airport and take her out for lunch, we ordered her fav pizza and had it hot and ready when she arrived in her new home at Canoe!

When we pulled up in the limo to Canoe, she had a greeting squad waiting for her arrival and everyone cheered as she walked up. We had balloons lining the hallway that guided her right to her condo and as she opened the door, more surprises were there for her.

We discovered along the way that it was Amanda’s birthday the very next day after possession, so we ordered her some flowers, a birthday balloon and an ice cream cake (also her fav’s) and had those little surprises tucked away at her new condo too! We also placed another bottle of champagne and OJ in her fridge (for more mimosas of course) and had some of her fav snacks and water in there so she could snack as she planned to paint her new place the next day.

All in all, it couldn’t have been more perfect. And we couldn’t have asked for more of an amazing homeowner to surprise than her!

We couldn’t be more excited and proud for our homeowners. We are so pleased and thankful that they trusted us to build their home.

If you wanna call Canoe home, we have immediate possessions available and are 90% sold out. Don’t miss the boat!
Contact us today!

Until next time,

Your Avi Urban team