Canoe at Auburn Bay: January 2016 Construction Update

Construction keeps getting better and better at Canoe! Here’s an update on what’s been going on throughout the month:


  • 1st floor: The first floor is fully dry-walled with bulk heads and tin work taking place.
  • 2nd floor: 9 out of 22 units are textured and ready for paint primer.  The remaining units are currently being taped.
  • 3rd floor: The cabinets are completed.  Stage 1 finishing as well as wood work spraying are in progress.
  • 4th floor: Stage 1 finish and cabinets are completed with flooring and countertops being installed.
  • The exterior is still in progress.


  • 1st floor: Rough-ins are completed with drywall beginning within the coming weeks.
  • 2nd floor: Gypcrete and rough-ins are completed and fire rating ongoing in preparation to dry-wall.
  • 3rd floor: Gypcrete and rough-ins are completed with fire rating beginning soon.
  • 4th floor: Gypcrete and plumbing rough-ins are completed with electrical rough-ins just over 80% completed.
  • The exterior water proofing has begun.


  • They are currently working on getting the boiler started to test and fill the parkade heating system.

If you’d like to call Canoe home, come visit us at 103 Auburn Meadows Drive SE, or visit us at  We’d love to help you find your perfect home!

Tara @ Canoe